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Monday, January 30th, 2017 to our New Location at 12775 NE Marx St, Portland OR 97230
When it comes to keeping up your turf, there is nothing better than PermaMatrix® BSP Foundation. It is an easy to apply, organic additive that locks in essential plant nutrients. This lengthens the health and sustains the aesthetic of your turf.
Check it out! The new Jane Sanders Softball Stadium at the UO is the only stadium in the nation with artificial turf and engineered soil on the skinned area! The best part? They're using Sunmark Sports' very DR 5.5 Professional Grade Infield Soil Mix. Click on "Latest Project" to see photos of the construction.

Bottom line is that all of your materials have great quality and you provide a great service to the ball fields in the northwest. With these materials, you can fix practically any troubled infield material (which is basically most infield mixes)...

Paul Zwaska, Beacon Athletics

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