Customer Feedback

The greatest thing we can say is what our customers tell us!  Here are some of those.



  I just wanted to write you and express my appreciation for your help on the Forest Grove project.  Sunmark Sports really helped by not only flexing to our ever changing delivery dates but you also kept material on hand to ensure that delays were not caused on our behalf.  The intricacies of this project were many and we appreciate the service you were able to provide.


Regarding the soil: Sunmark’s DR Professional Grade 5.5 infield soil blend was very nice to work with and looks very nice on the field (the red is a great contrast to the dark green grass).  Just so you know we had to do some grading of the baseball infield in the rain and it took most of the day before the soil got too wet to work.


Thanks again,
Damon Richardson
Field Tech Consultant, Pacific Sports Turf