Engineered Soils

Engineered Soils 4.6  Engineered Soils 5.5  Engineered Soils 6.4


Players Choice Engineered Soils 5.5 is our most popular but if it or the other two won’t work with your soils, Custom Soil Blends are available.

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Engineered Soil Test Results:

  • ES4.6 – The tightest material looks good.  SCR, fabulous!  This will work as a good professional mix but it borders on the edge of having too much clay in it.
  • ES5.5 – This is what I would classify as your “intermediate” material.  Again, fantastic SCR. This is still a tight mix for an intermediate.  Make sure whoever uses this as an infield soil has the staffing and available water to maintain it for proper resiliency.
  • ES6.4 – Excellent recreational blend. This material will be great for the park and rec, school and neighborhood fields that don’t get the daily field maintenance. This material maintain a resilient surface even in drought conditions.

Bottom line is that all of these materials have great quality and provide a great service to the ball fields of the northwest.  With these materials, you can fix practically any troubled infield material (which is basically most infield mixes).  There aren’t many operations in the country that can provide what Sunmark Sports provide.