Engineered Soils 6.4

Players Choice 6.4 Engineered Soils

Players Choice DR Professional Grade 6.4 Infield Soil Mix isan excellent engineered soil mix designed for fields that do not receive daily maintenance. This material will be great for the park and rec, junior school, and neighborhood fields that get a high amount of play and traffic without the attention and care of a dedicated maintenance effort. This mixture will maintain a resilient surface even in drought conditions. DR 6.4 is in the “ideal” range at .60 SRC (silt, clay ratio)

Test results and specifications available upon request.

Players Choice DR Professional Grade 6.4 Infield Soil Mix is a premium, higher sand content soil blend consisting of screened red clay and USGA screened sand. Aesthetically it is red in color with a dark brown hue.

Players Choice DR Professional Grade 6.4 Infield Soil Mix provides a high quality playing surface, to programs looking to increase their field’s compaction, color, and bad weather playability. This surface works best in regions with more than 35” of annual rainfall. Once compacted, this material will become very firm and will hold its shape until over-saturated with moisture. Though it is engineered with a moderate amount of clay, this surface will still offer some water passing capability. Though this premium blend can be used by all levels, it is best applied to youth recreational leagues and facilities without a professional level of maintenance.

Players Choice DR Professional Grade 6.4 Infield Soil Mix should be put down to a depth of 3” – 6” on a standard infield renovation. After applying your playing surface, we suggest watering your field with ½ inch of water, rolling it with a 1000 pound roller to achieve proper compaction, and then laser grading it out at 1/2%. The final step in creating an all weather field, one that will allow play long after the other teams have gone home, is to amend Infield Conditioner into the top 2”- 4” of your playing surface.

Players Choice DR Professional Grade 6.4 Infield Soil Mix requires that programs have the ability to do TWO things. 1.) A program must be able water the skinned portion of their infield on a continual basis, mainly when moisture is in short supply. 2.) A program must be willing tarp their infield during days when over-saturation can occur. This soil blend lacks the amount of sand it takes to stay soft without a good moisture profile. Saying that, this surface is very similar to what you would see on a Major League infield.


  • Screened and ready to use.
  • Moderate Clay Content for greater compaction.
  • Plays extremely smooth and fast.
  • Professional look and feel.

User Groups: (In order of effectiveness)

  • Professional
  • College
  • High School
  • Municipal (Parks & Recreation)
  • Youth Programs


  • Bulk Truckloads


  • Loose – 74 lbs per Cubic Foot
  • 1998 lbs per Cubic Yard
  • 1 Cubic Yard = .98 Metric Tons
  • Compacted – 96.5 lbs per Cubic Foot
  • 2551.5 lbs per Cubic Yard
  • 1 Cubic Yard = 1.275 Metric Tons


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NOTE: Custom Soil Blends are available.