Infield and Professional Grade Clay

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Players Choice Red Infield

Players Choice™ Red Infield Conditioner (PCRIFC) is a premium vitrified soil conditioner.  PCRIFC will improve infield playability, reduce rain outs, enhance the safety and stability of your infield and keep your team outside on the field when others are in the gym.  PCRIFC absorbs water and won’t go “soft” during rainy periods and helps retain moisture during dry, summer time play.

Specifications:  50 lbs / bag, 1 CY = 0.77 tons

Availability:  Per bag or per pallet (40 bags),  2,000 lbs Super Sacks,   Bulk (24 & 32 ton full truck loads)



Players Choice mound clay logo

Players Choice™ Professional Grade Mound & Home Plate Clay (PCMHPC) is a premium screened red clay used to construct, repair, or re-build stress areas on your field.  PCMHPC easily tamps into divots on mounds, pitchers circles and home plate to provide greater durability and safer play on high-stress areas.

One 50 lb bag will cover 4 sq ft at 2″ depth.

Specifications:  50 lbs / bag, 1 CY = 0.85 tons

Availability:  Per bag or pallet (40 bags)



PC Clay Bricks

Players Choice™ Professional Grade Clay Bricks are premium, unfired compressed clay bricks, perfect for building or repairing the mound and home plate areas on your field.  When the bricks are placed and watered in, they simply turn into a firm clay mass that provides durability and reduces maintenance in the high stress areas.

Specifications:  5.5 lbs / brick,   4″ x 8″ x 2.5″

Availability:  Per brick or pallet (400 bricks)