Brawler Athletic Field Covers

brawler full field cover


Brawler’s floating handle system allows your crew to position or “float” the handles to the most convenient spot along the perimeter of the Full Field Cover for easier deployment. Handles may be used as an anchor system in place of sandbags. All Brawler Tarps are completely heat welded, making them much stronger than tarps with sewn perimeters or sewn in handles. 5.8 oz. and 6.3 oz. reinforced polyethylene material options are available. Only high strength, top quality fabrics are used in manufacturing Brawler Tarps. All materials are 100% waterproof and UV/mildew resistant.Brawler offers the most complete package on the market. Includes:

  • Floating Handle System – handles spaced every 10’
  • Deluxe Vinyl Roller Cover
  • UV Sandbags or Stakes
  • Sturdy Crate for ultimate shipping protection

Brawler offers a wide range of sizes, including those for standard Little League, baseball and soft ball fields. The standard size for soccer and football field covers is 160’ x 360’ (typically in 3 pieces).

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Brawler infield cover
Whether you are trying to manage moisture in your skinned area, or you are looking for a more manageable tarp, Brawler has you covered. Infield Skin covers are constructed from premium 6.3 oz. reinforced polyethylene. Perimeter hem is heat welded, with floating handles on front and back edges, and grommets spaced every 2’ around plated areas. Brawler offers regulation Little League and Baseball sizes. We can also fabricate a Skin Cover to your specific field dimensions. Brawler Base Paths Covers are also available.

BRAWLER Sideline Covers provide maximum protection while allowing air into the grass. The material has a non-slip surface and is mildew resistant. Standard sizes are 15′ x 75′, 15′ x 120′, and 15′ x 150′. These sizes include a reinforced vinyl or webbing edge with grommets spaced every three feet. BRAWLER Sideline Covers are ideal for fields that are regularly used for both soccer and football.

Brawler mound cover
BRAWLER Mound, Base, and Plate covers are heat welded out of heavy-duty materials to provide superior waterproof protection. These covers stop erosion when watering and minimize the amount of infield maintenance for these critical areas. The covers are grommeted every two feet for secure and easy installation. Available in poly & vinyl materials.

BRAWLER Dugout Covers provide shelter for your players while allowing air flow throughout the dugout. These versatile covers also minimize outside distractions. Custom sizes and fabrications are available to fit your needs.

Brawler custom cover
Available Brawler Custom Athletic Covers:
Bull Pen Covers
Bleacher Covers
Gym Floor Covers
Tennis Court Covers
Please contact our knowledgeable staff for details.